Florid Audio Expo – FLAX 22 mit Credo Audio, EmmLabs, VPI und Van den Hul

Ende Februar waren wir mit Credo Audio, AudioShield, EmmLabs, VPI Industries und Van den Hul an der «Florida Audio Expo» in Tampa – FL.

Credo Audio Switzerland Florida Audio Expo
Credo Audio Switzerland EV Lautsprecher mit EmmLabs Elektronik an der FLAX 22
Michael Kraske von Credo Audio Switzerland an der Florida Audio Expo.
«House of Stereo und AudioShield» präsentierten EmmLabs, Credo Audio, DS Audio, Van den Hul und VPI Industries

Pressestimmen über Credo Audio an der Florida Audio Expo 2022

The Audioshield distribution room had a tasty array of great sounding gear courtesy of Credo, EMM labs, DS Audio, and VPI. The speakers were the Credo EV Reference ONE which were driven by a pair of EMM Labs MTRX2 monoblock power amplifiers. For digital duty, the output from EMM’s NS1 streamer was being fed to a DA2 DAC which was then routed through A matching EMM PRE Stereo preamplifier and then off to the amps. For vinyl playback, a DS Audio optical phono cartridge was fitted to what I am guessing was a 12” carbon fiber tonearm affixed to the VPI Avenger Plus turntable. This was tied to an EMM DS-EQ1 optical equalizer phono stage which hooked into the aforementioned preamp. I got to listen to a little bit of vinyl and digital and the sound of both was extremely enjoyable. The Credo speakers are somewhat new to me and they made a very positive impression.


The EMM/Credo/Audioshield This $290k system consisted of EMM Labs electronics, Credo Audio speakers, van den Hul cartridge and wiring, a VPI Avenger direct-drive ‘table, and the impressive Wolf Audio Systems Red Wolf 2 server. The result was the epitome of the Swiss school of sound: clean, fast, airy, and ultra-high resolution. Tame bass, no doubt a room-based anomaly, was the only thing holding this system back.

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